New Jersey English Journal Spring 2019 — Table of Contents

The New Jersey English Journal, 2019 Issue, Volume 8

The Intersection of Literacy and Democracy: What role does language arts play in a free society?

This issue is published in full at
Artists: Cole Bespalko, Bridget Fajvan, & Kendall Shirvan

Call for Manuscripts Letter from the Editors

Sue Kenney

Getting It Done           Maureen Connolly

About Relationships, Nor Prerogatives: Editing the New Jersey English Journal        Julius Gottilla

Teaching: From the Inside Out           Jeffrey Pflaum

Picture Books Teach Empathy and Much More         Sheryl Lain

Choice Reading and the Intersection of Literacy and Democracy         Scott Hebenstreit

The Politics of Classroom Engagement:Practicing Nonpartisanship in a First-Year Writing Classroom       Maria Geiger

Conflict on March 24th            Liz deBeer and NJCTE Spring Conference Attendees

A Conversation about Overcoming Barriers to Using Social Justice in the Classroom through Critical Literacy          Rebecca Maldonado & Allison Wynhoff Olsen

I Said Poetry    Sara deBeer

Winter              Patricia Bender


New Jersey English Journal Spring 2019 — Table of Contents

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