Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project — 6th Year in New Jersey!

Panasonic EcoParticipate at No Cost!

Panasonic Corporation of North America and the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning are excited to announce the 6th year of the Eco Citizenship Project.  All subject area 5th-8th grade New Jersey teachers are welcome to participate for free! Registered teachers will be provided with resources to guide their students to be eco-minded and to engage with their community to create environmental change.

This experiential learning process is composed of lessons aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and Student Standards from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  Students will:

Define environmental issues.

Create actions to help solve the issue.

Apply actions in their community to help solve the problem.

Evaluate actions conducted and share the results.

Student teams will then write about and visually document their actions in their Eco Diaries and submit their entry into the Eco Picture Diary competition for prizes. Prizes also awarded to teachers!

Each registered teacher will receive a Welcome Box with a teacher guide, student workbooks, eco diaries and more! REGISTER HERE!

For more information, go to

Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project — 6th Year in New Jersey!

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