2019 New Jersey English Journal – Call for Manuscripts

 New Jersey English Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, invites you to share submissions on the theme: The Intersection of Literacy and Democracy:  What role does language arts play in a free society?  We seek researched articles as well as 500-word personal essays and other creative responses that shed light on the many possibilities, topics, issues, problems and solutions related to the theme of The Intersection of Literacy and Democracy at all grade levels from kindergarten to college. Spring 2018 NJ English Journal

Articles should relate directly to English Language Arts teaching and learning.  We value responses from both veteran and new teachers. Writers are urged to read past editions available online. The 2017 edition, on the theme Transformative Teaching in the 21st Century: Teachers as Catalysts, is available now!

We invite you to respond to the theme by considering these:

  • How can 21st century literacies enable us to participate more fully in today’s democracy?
  • How can ELA teachers connect the classroom to today’s society?
  • How can we teach students to find the truth in today’s media world?
  • Discuss reading, writing, global connectedness and free speech.
  • How can reading and writing affect change beyond the classroom?
  • How can we use speaking, listening and viewing to create more participatory citizens?
  • How do reading and writing teach us to listen and develop empathy?
  • Why do we need to read and write collaboratively?
  • In a connected world, how can we determine which texts are worthy of our attention?
  • How does interdisciplinary collaboration foster increased connection and awareness in a fully democratic society?

In addition to submissions that respond to the theme, we also welcome poetry on the topic of teaching.

Submissions will be accepted between April 1 and December 15, 2018. Submissions should not have been published in any other journal. Submissions must use MLA formatting and Times New Roman or Garamond in Size 12.  All submissions will be reviewed by multiple members of our editorial board.  Submitters will receive a response by February 1, 2019; the journal will be released by April 1, 2019.  Send queries and submissions to 2019 journal editor Liz deBeer at ldebeerwardell@gmail.com.

Posted by Audrey Fisch, blog editor for NJCTE

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2019 New Jersey English Journal – Call for Manuscripts