NJCTE Recognizes Susan Reese and Millie Davis as Emeritus Members

The NJCTE Board is proud to announce our recognition of our latest emeritus members, Susan Reese and Millie Davis.

Susan Reese served as president of NJCTE from April 2015 until April 2018. Under her guidance, we revised our constitution, welcomed many new members to the board, and continued to run wonderful fall and spring conferences. She has overseen our high school writing contest and helped launch a new middle school writing contest. She leaves the organization in good standing, with recent awards for New Jersey English Journal and e-Focus (our newsletter, which she co-authored). We also won the NCTE Affiliate of Excellence Award.

Susan has stepped down from the presidency, but not from the board. She continues to contribute actively to the organization’s mission: to serve teachers of English. We are thrilled to affirm her status as an emeritus member of NJCTE.

In recognition of her work for the National Council of Teachers of English, for NJCTE, and her roots in New Jersey, the NJCTE board also voted to recognize Millie Davis as an honorary emeritus member of NJCTE.

Millie Davis is Director of the Intellectual Freedom Center at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). She works with leaders in NCTE’s affiliates and assemblies, with the NCTE Research Foundation with educators experiencing challenges to texts, and with other organizations that espouse intellectual freedom. Davis is a lover of writing and reading, a smart phone photographer, and a former high school English teacher and adviser of an award-winning literary magazine. A teacher consultant from the Capital Writing Project in Richmond, Virginia, she has taught writing at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond, Virginia, Parkland College in Champaign, Illinois, at the Danville, Illinois, Correctional Center, and the Osher Livelong Learning Institute of the University of Illinois.

Millie grew up in Metuchen, New Jersey, where she was taught by at least two NJCTE past presidents: Marcia Holtzman as her English teacher and Teresa Snyder as her modern dance club coach.

We are lucky, in New Jersey, to have benefitted from the contributions of these two outstanding educators and to welcome them to the esteemed ranks of our NJCTE Members Emeriti.

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NJCTE Recognizes Susan Reese and Millie Davis as Emeritus Members