NJCTE Welcomes New Board Member Val Mattesich

Please join us in welcoming new NJCTE Board Member Val Mattesich!

Valerie Mattessich is a veteran Pascack Valley High School English teacher and now serves as Pascack Valley Regional High School District’s Supervisor of English, Art and Libraries. Ms. Mattessich has long been a teacher-leader through the National Writing Project, previously at Rutgers and currently at Drew University, and also acts as an appointed member of the NCTE Secondary Steering Committee as well as a newly appointed Board member for NJCTE. Ms. Mattessich has planned, implemented and facilitated professional development workshops throughout the state and across the country. She has also published articles in Educational ViewpointsEnglish Leadership Quarterly, and New Jersey English Journal; her classroom and teaching strategies were also featured in Kristen Turner and Troy Hicks’ book Argument in the Real World.

NJCTE Welcomes New Board Member Val Mattesich

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