NJCTE High School Writing Contest “Hindsight” is OPEN!

Submission deadline: December 6, 2019

2020 Categories

  • Poetry (one poem, 50-line max.) – FREE CHOICE
  • Short story (5-page max. double-spaced) – FREE CHOICE
  • Personal essay (5-page max., double-spaced) – RESPOND TO PROMPT

Write a personal essay or narrative about the effect hindsight had on your life.

Hindsight is understanding a situation or event only after it has happened or developed.  In life, as in literature, hindsight might lead to happiness or success. Write a personal essay about hindsight. This may be about your own hindsight or vision that someone had about you or for you. What led to the discovery of the importance of hindsight? How has hindsight affected your life? Try to steer away from general observations. Describe a concrete experience and reflect on how hindsight hurt or helped you.

For more information, go to https://www.njcte.org/writing-contest.

Want to become involved as a judge? Reach out to njctepresident@gmail.com.

NJCTE High School Writing Contest “Hindsight” is OPEN!

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