Call for Manuscripts: 2020 Issue of New Jersey English Journal

New Jersey English Journal, a peer-reviewed publication of New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, invites you to share submissions on the theme, “What’s Next? Embarking Upon a New Decade of English Language Arts.” 

We seek research and practitioner-oriented pieces (1000-2000 words), as well as personal essays (700-1000 words) and other creative responses related to the theme and geared towards an audience of P–12 and postsecondary English Language Arts educators. In addition to submissions that respond to the theme, we also welcome poetry on the topic of teaching.

We welcome single and co-authored submissions from both veteran and new teachers, and we especially invite new writers, pre-service teachers, and graduate students to develop submissions. Writers are urged to read past editions available online at to review past successful submissions.

We invite you to respond to the theme of “What’s Next? Embarking Upon a New Decade of English Language Arts” by considering such questions as:

  • In what ways has the ELA classroom evolved? How, if at all, will the role of ELA teachers change in the future?
  • How and when can ELA teachers make space for new voices, texts, and approaches?
  • In what ways might interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches shape teaching and learning in ELA and beyond?
  • How have your teaching methods evolved over time, or in what ways do you anticipate they will evolve? What factor(s) catalyzed these shifts? (e.g, technological innovation, the sociopolitical landscape, learners’ interests and needs)
  • How can technology enhance traditional methods and/or create innovative modes for student communication, assessment, and learning? What opportunities and challenges does technology pose?
  • What’s next for ELA? Over the next 10 years, how will our students change? How might we need to change? Which traditions and practices will (or should) grow obsolete, and which should be preserved?

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, December 27, 2019, via All submissions will be reviewed through a double-blind process by multiple members of the Editorial Board. Submissions should not have been previously published or under review elsewhere. Manuscripts should follow MLA guidelines for citations. All writing should appear in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, and authors’ names and identifying information must be removed from all submissions. Send any queries to

Call for Manuscripts: 2020 Issue of New Jersey English Journal

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