Call for Proposals: NJCTE Fall 2019 Conference

A Vision for the Future: Practices Designed for Success


Submit your proposal by May 10, 2019, at

What is the future of literacy instruction? Whether in our classrooms, online, or with new AI technology on the horizon, change is inevitable, and we must prepare ourselves for the future.

On September 21, 2019, we shall gather together at the Kenneth R. Olson Middle School in Tabernacle, NJ, to focus on the future of literacy instruction for grades K-16.

NJCTE invites educators of all types from grades K-16+ (public, private, cyber, charter, etc.) to submit session proposals to share collegially:

1) successful and trusted approaches for the teaching of reading and writing that have evolved from or been improved by collaboration among colleagues;

2) examples of literacy instruction meant to develop students’ abilities to read, write, and think critically while adhering to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards;

3) ways teachers can reach out to and include leaders in our diverse communities (public librarians, local historians, social activists, business people, etc.) in order to enrich our students’ literacy education;

4) methods to engage students with our world; or

5) any related presentations on the teaching of literacy.

We have developed several topics we hope our presenters and participants will explore together. Please feel free to submit a proposal for a presentation on a related topic. We welcome the contributions of all educators.

  1. Using Literacy to Shape Our Lives
  2. Sharing Student Voices with the World
  3. Diverse Voices; Diverse Texts
  4. Best Practices for Reading and Writing Instruction
  5. Literacy in Our Digital World
  6. Culturally-Relevant Pedagogy
  7. Technology in the Classroom
  8. Celebrating LGBTQIA Voices in Our Curricula
  9. Literacy as a Vehicle for Social Justice
  10. Handling the Grading Load


New Jersey educators gather at the NJCTE conference to benefit from professional programs, panels, discussions, exhibits of books and materials, idea exchanges, guest speakers, and shared classroom experiences. Additionally, many opportunities exist for educators to participate as speakers, chairpersons, recorders, and to assist with conference preparation.

Educators at any level and at any phase of their career, including pre-service teachers, are encouraged to attend and/or present.

The conference is an affordable professional development opportunity. Conference registration includes lunch and an NJCTE membership. A separate Authors Breakfast is planned for an additional charge.


As a presenter, you have the unique opportunity to influence a wide body of educators. We expect that you will join us as an active member if you are selected to present.  PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the policy of the National Council of Teachers of English, and as a non-profit educational organization, NJCTE is unable to reimburse participants for travel or lodging.

Please contact the NJCTE Fall Conference Co-Chairs with any questions: 

Joe Pizzo, and Twitter @ProfJPizzo

Denise Weintraut, and Twitter @SmilingTeach

Call for Proposals: NJCTE Fall 2019 Conference

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