Tech Tuesdays: Mic Note — An App for Online Notes

by Kathryn Nieves

Secondary and even higher level education students are faced with lecture and discussion-based courses. For some students it can be difficult to record notes they need for future assignments during this time, especially students who are struggling. Mic Note is an app that can help to overcome that problem.

Mic Note is an app that can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store and used across devices. It allows users to record lectures or discussions. When the app is opened, a pop-up window appears and displays all of the app’s features. The left sidebar immediately offers a Welcome letter and a Sample of a completed note. Both of these can be deleted to make room for your own notes. Selecting the page icon at the top of the sidebar will allow you to begin a new note.


The top bar of the pop-up window provides the options for beginning a new recording. There is a play button, a stop button, and the duration of the recording. The microphone encircled by blue on the right side is the button to select when you are ready to record.


When the lecture or discussion has begun, click the microphone button in the pop-up window. As the app is recording notes can be taken in the notepad space below the recording.

Mic Note 1

As soon as words are typed into the notepad, a timestamp is attached to it for future reference. Users can jot notes about the words being discussed in the lecture or elaborate on points being made. Bolded, slashed through, and italic words are also an option, as are bullet points and numbered lists. When you click on a specific timestamp, the recording immediately plays from that time to help recall information that was discussed. Images and PDF files can also be imported into the notepad to connect to the lecture. Photos can also be taken to add.

This app would be ideal for students who need assistance with note taking. With teacher or professor permission, it would be a great way to review previous material. Since all notes are linked to a time, students can go back and listen to moments they found confusing. These notes can also be exported or emailed to other people, so collaboration is possible. For example, in group discussions, a recording and notes could be sent to all group members. In socratic seminars, one of the roles in the outer circle could be to record the discussion and add notes. These notes could then be shared with the teacher for accountability.

Mic Note’s simplicity is one of its biggest strengths. It is really easy for students to use and could prove to be useful in courses where listening and note taking is necessary.

New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, the New Jersey state affiliate of NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English

Tech Tuesdays: Mic Note — An App for Online Notes

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