New Jersey English Journal: 2018 Volume

Please join all of us at NJCTE in celebrating the publication of the 2018 volume of New Jersey English Journal. Congratulations to the writers, editor Liz DeBeer, and to all of the New Jersey English Journal editorial board. All of the contributions to the 2018 volume can be accessed at the NJCTE website.

New Jersey English Journal:
2018 Issue

Transformative Teaching in the 21st Century: Teachers as Catalysts

3  Call for Manuscripts

4  From the Editor
Liz deBeer

8  Shake Hands with the Muse
Marian Calabro

9  An Imaginary Party Sparks Academic Conversation
Lauren Zucker

12 Transforming Literacy Education for First-Generation College Students
Earl Aguilera and Geraldine Lopez

21 The Need to be FLEXible: Teaching English in the Republic of Georgia
Elliot Tombs

24 Tribute to M. Jerry Weiss: Professor, Author, Inspiration
Maria Schantz and Lois Sullivan

30  7:17 AM
Sue Kenney

31  Transformative Teaching: Rewriting the World in the English Classroom through Literature
Patricia Hans

40 The Growth of a Growth Mindset
Scott Hebenstreit

48 Dancing on Beat
Rachelle Parker

49 Finding Calm in a Sea of Doubt
Kelsey Kazmac

51 Coaching Writers: Three Lessons a Writing Teacher Can Learn from a High School Swim Coach
Jason J. Griffith

69 Composing Our Classrooms: A Veteran Provides Context for Inclusion and Collaborations
Anthony Albright

72  Rememory
Marian Calabro

73 Beyond Ability: How Disability Enables Us to See Injustice
Chris Bass

81  Education, not Standardization: (What if high-stakes testing were to be abolished?)
Joseph S. Pizzo

82  The Power of Class Discussion: The Art of Letting Kids Talk
Astrid Alvarez

88 Graphic Novels in the Pedagogical Literary Landscape: Persepolis & “The Cannon”
Nimisha Patel

95  My Ball
Rachelle Parker

96 Anonymous Online Polling: A 21st Century Discussion Hook
Maria Geiger


Izzy Blanchard-Boyce, p. 39

Liz deBeer, p. 5

Bridget Fajvan, pp. 11, 48 & 98

Do you think you might be interested in contributing to New Jersey English Journal? We welcome your submissions! Please see our call for the 2019 volume.

Posted by Audrey Fisch, blog editor for NJCTE

New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, the New Jersey state affiliate of NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English

New Jersey English Journal: 2018 Volume

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