NJCTE Spring Conference – Questions and Answers

How can I deepen students’ engagement with texts by viewing them as windows, mirrors, and doors?

How can I organize virtual author visits for my own classroom?

How can I build a culture of independent reading, assess student progress, and still address the standard curriculum of my school?

What role can interactive read-alouds play in supporting student comprehension and building a culture of reading in my classroom?

What kind of digital tools can I use to help students comprehend complex texts and to support their learning from upper elementary through high school?

Is there harmony between English language arts and technology, and what kind of easy-to-apply digital tools can I integrate into the classroom to improve learning?

How can I encourage students to write unique stories starting with two simple words: What if?

How can I provide the attention, encouragement, and challenge students need to become lifelong readers who continue to read for pleasure?

What kind of games, discussions, and self-assessments can I use to improve literacy engagement and create a participatory culture in my classroom?

How can I encourage the free, open discourse fundamental to a democracy and still handle unwanted and offensive speech?

In our current climate where immigration can be a heated topic, what strategies and resources can I use to help students understand the important role immigration continues to play in our culture?

Is poetry dead along with all the poets? Are there resources to help students become better poets and develop their own creative voices?

Come to the NJCTE spring conference to hear discussion and answers to these and other questions. Go to the NJCTE website conference page and scroll to the bottom of the page to register.

Written by Patricia Schall, NJCTE board member

Posted by Audrey Fisch, blog editor for NJCTE

New Jersey Council of Teachers of English, the New Jersey state affiliate of NCTE, the National Council of Teachers of English

NJCTE Spring Conference – Questions and Answers

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